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The “Best Dance of the Weekend” Tee

As we travel the country and participate in weekend events, Artistic Motions is always looking for the opportunity to do something special. In addition to a very sincere “thank you” after a great dance, we will from time to time award a recipient with a special “gift’ for making the dance as memorable as the event.


S4AD 2012 Tee Recipient: Tracey Collins

These pictures depict both models and former recipients of the “Best Dance of The Weekend” campaign where a patron of the event received a special t-shirt stating: “I was dipped in a sea of Artistic Motions”. This gift was earned by recipients who demonstrated a higher level of proficiency in the dance, coupled with a keen sense of competence, passion for the music and excellent synergy on the dance floor.


The First Tee Recipient: Mrs. April Burns

HB2012 Tee Recipient: Venita (CTheStepper)

The BDTW campaign was a huge success and made quite an impression with event patrons who received the award. You can expect Artistic Motions to continue implementing campaigns such as these to help keep the level of enthusiasm and excitement for steppin at a very high level. Making someone smile by offering them something special for their enthusiasm, skill, proficiency and passion has it’s own reward!





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