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Our Instructional videos and schedule of online instruction are for beginners or individuals seeking to refine their fundamental skills. They can only be viewed after completing the registration process. After registration, members of Artistic Motions Online will have access to all available content.

All “Follow Only” videos are available for viewing and review. The first segment of the “Lead Only” series is also now available, FREE for all members subscribing to the Silver Steppers Package (which is also FREE!!).


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24 thoughts on “Artistic Motions Instructional Videos


    Vic…. First off, CONGRATULATIONS on having the courage to launch this one of a kind, online steppin’ instructional package. It is truly innovative and unique. You are to be commended for it !

    I was one of the original members of your inaugural AM class at Riverside,… where it all began. Since then my wife Jewell and I, have been privy to have taken classes and workshops with virtually all of the “heavy hitters” of Steppin from coast to coast. As a hobby, I have also collected Steppin DVD’s, from everyone out there who would sell me one, to add to my extensive collection. I say all this to say, I believe I have a solid background and basis to offer you what I hope will be valuable feedback on your AM Online Instructional Videos. I plan on going thru each video and offering you comments as I go.

    TOGETHER, TONIGHT Video Premiere
    A classy elegant view of a night out on the town – Indianapolis ! Getting dressed in you finest, heading out on the town with your Beautiful Lady Lisa, experiencing Indiana Repertory Theater, dinner, drinks, a carriage ride and finally dancing (walkin’) outside under the stars and moonlight. Capping it all off by strolling the White River Canal walk until your lady has reached the pinnacle of enjoyment and has to come out of her shoes from the riggers of the night! .. What an experience ! Love It. Love the professional presentation, videotography and the choice of music. This video is different from past AM videos as it gives you a full diet of the AM Classic style of Walkin’, romancing the dance with you lady, feeling every note in the music and putting that in Motion. My only question would be will there be an instructional video for your students to learn this Classic Walkin’ style as they surely will want more from seeing this.

    LAYING THE FOUNDATION, Basic Movement Weeks 1 – 2
    Of course, without question these first 9 videos are the most important of all. As you taught back in the day at Riverside, the beat, the count, and the basic movements with a smooth flow, are the foundation for everything. Get this right and everything else will easily fall into place. If you rush through this and get this wrong, you will be just stacking junk upon an unstable foundation and the house of cards you will have built will truly fall. I love the emphasis on moving forward off the 7 ! Many of us initially learned to do the 7- 8 as a side to side move and then had great difficulties breaking that as a lazy habit. By teaching this with going forward as the primary choice out the gate I believe that will be of great benefit to your students ! The videos are all very clear and easy to follow. I like that there is a break at each movement to allow for repeating and practice. In fact my only concern at this point is that you have only given 1 – 2 weeks for students to master these movements. While a student may have the basic patterns correct in a week or two, it is likely to take longer than that to develop a smooth flow. You might want to consider emphasizing that more in your last “putting it all together video” . Back at Riverside you made us practice Practice PRACTICE, drill, Drill, DRILL, for weeks Weeks WEEKS to get the flow and timing….just right. Maybe students of today are better and will be quicker to learn, but I am sure Students will truly need your video feedback from watching them to know when they have become proficient with the various basics,… walk out on 8, Lane at 1 and Lane at 8, et al.

    LAYING THE FOUNDATION, Basic Turns Weeks 3 – 4, Advanced Turns Weeks 5 – 6 and the First Segment Of The Lead Series, Weeks 1 – 2
    To be reviewed at a later date……………..

    Sheldon Patrick

    • Victor A. James Sr. Post author

      Thanks for the review and feedback regarding the premiere video and the online instruction…

      I hadn’t thought about providing online Walkin’ instruction, I just wanted to showcase that aspect of the culture and vibe of Steppin’ because it receives very little attention. I also wanted to do it within the context of a night out, particularly to the Brian Culbertson song because I like it so much.

      The time frame for mastering each component of instruction isn’t really set up for weekly expectations, the weeks are really based upon how fast I was producing the videos for the website at the time. I strongly encourage people to take all the time they need to master the concepts. The most important piece of advice is not to move on to the next component without mastering what you have before you first. It makes no sense to get the cart before the horse, so to speak, especially when building a foundation. I can’t get in the studio as much as I need to to get the Lead series completed, but you can bet it’s gonna get done soon because it’s like a weight hanging over my head. Not only that, I know my guys need it.

      As far as feedback regarding the instructional videos is concerned, I generally don’t solicit it, 1) because the service that I provide is free and 2) thus far I’ve had zero complaints since the site’s creation regarding the quality of the instruction, which is almost a year now and the number of students continues to increase monthly. That, to me, is an indication of the fact that I’m doing something right (and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?) AND there’s a demand for it. Don’t get me wrong, I really do appreciate the feedback, but the only reason that I placed a comment box placed on the instructional video page in the first place was because I wanted feedback from my online people about the new video.

      In fact, until the new video was premiered on the instructional video page, I didn’t have a comment box there at all. My rationale for the decision not to have a comment box: If people don’t like the free service, or they don’t find it useful, they simply need not continue – no harm no foul. Additionally, on November 1st when the new video is posted to YouTube for the general public, the comment box at the bottom of the page will be removed. Any feedback, issues or concerns that the online community has with the instruction at that point will be dealt with as I’ve done in the past – on a one-on-one, individual basis – and they will be addressed immediately.

      I agree with the point you made that I need to see what my students are doing. After all, how will they know that what they’re doing is right? My plan is to get the video conferencing component set up soon, so that I can see what students are doing and provide feedback. Availability of that service will be based upon demand however, and I won’t be able to provide it free. I’ll do my best to make it affordable, but in the end it’ll still be up to the students as to whether or not we can pull it off…we’ll see how things go. Rest assured that I won’t pull the trigger on the initiative until I’m convinced that the demand and subsequent support are there. Currently, all of the content that I provide on the AM site is free, but there are inherent costs that I’m absorbing to provide it.

      Thanks again for your candid review and feedback Brother Patrick. I’ll see you on the wood somewhere soon! 🙂

  • sassyj


    What a captivating display of a man romancing his lady! “Oh what a night” …..of dancing, dinner, a glass of wine, a walk along the river hand-in-hand and conversation. Such an appreciation of love shared by two! Thank you Victor for your vision. This video has raised the bar in how many will embrace the passion of “smooth steppin” in ways that you cannot image. Get ready to receive your blessing!

    Beautifully done!
    Your “sister” Sheila


    LAYING THE FOUNDATION Weeks 3 and 4 Basic Turns
    Four turns were covered in this section: half left, half right, left turn, and the extended right. It is interesting to note that some argue as to whether what is sometimes called the quick right, or the right turn on 8, should be apart of the primary 4 turns instead of the extended right. I think it is a matter of choice by the instructor as to which is taught first, just as long as both are taught. I like the extended right being taught first as you have done here. I also like the fact that you continue your focus on the backward 7 with the forward movement on 8 throughout this section. It is an important fact that on the extended right you indicate the you need to extend the 1… like the name says…and that the more experienced dancers take the 1 straight forward…or even slightly left, before heading right on 3. That is what gives this turn it very sexy, sensuous look for ladies who execute it in that fashion. Many people rush the turn to the right “too soon”, which takes away from the look. Finally, let me say you had great execution on all 4 turns and I particularly like the added emphasis to the students to back up the video and do it over and Over and OVER until you get it right ! Great demo with Kim Shelton ! She is a classy lady who worked very well with you to showcase how it is done.

    LAYING THE FOUNDATION Weeks 5 – 6 advanced turns and The Lead Series Weeks 1 -2
    To be reviewed at a later time

    Sheldon Patrick


    Just saw your note that your comment section is intended for the Premiere of the the Video only ! I apologize for stretching it to include the instructional videos – my badd ! I must say I am thoroughly enjoying watching the videos. It brings back pleasant memories of Riverside at its best.

    I will send my comments on the Advanced turns Weeks 5 – 6 and the First segment of the Lead directly to you in email for your personal review and use. Prayerfully they will be of help to you. I just know I am having a ball looking at the videos and reflecting on how much fun and pleasure this dance has brought to my life. GREAT JOB ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! I know you will find the studio time to grow and complete this effort as it is a labor of something you love ! See you on the wood !

    Sheldon Patrick

  • dwentt

    The video – AM Video Premiere – is so beautiful, elegant, classy and tastefully done. My complements to all. I absolutely love it!
    Donna Wentt

  • Labrada261

    I am very excited about my Instructional Videos that I have been enjoying. The dance is so smooth and once perfected I know I am looking forward to being the belle of the ball. I love watching your videos and thank you for having the patience to teach this incredible dance. My passion is dance and I love learning the different of dance. Again I thank you!!!

    Pamela Saunders

    • Victor A. James Sr. Post author

      You’re very welcome Pamela and thank you so much for your positive feedback regarding the instructional videos. I wish you much success in your pursuit of this dance. Continue to enjoy the journey…it is, in my opinion, one of the most fulfilling ones you can ever experience! Hope to meet you on the wood somewhere soon! 🙂

  • Labrada261

    Hi Victor I love the videos that are available to us. I am curious to know if there will be other videos down the line that we can also learn from and also watch you in motion? Specifically, I want to learn how to be dipped in the manner that you illustrate in your dance routines. I am so amazed at how smooth the dance is and it really looks like a lot of fun. I really enjoy the art of dancing and once I am comfortable with the instructional videos that you have provided I am sure that I will have no problem dancing in the follow position with a great leader. Thank you for the wonderful videos. I have learned so much already and yes I hope to see you one day on the wood somewhere.

    Pamela Saunders

    • Victor A. James Sr. Post author

      Hi Pamela, thanks again for the words of encouragement regarding the availability of instructional videos. The endeavor is a definitely a labor of love and keeping the initiative going can be challenging at times…yet we press on! To answer your question, there will be no instructional videos on teaching the dip. The dip technique is only taught by Artistic Motions in workshop and bootcamp environments under very close supervision as improper execution of the technique can lead to serious injury. It requires perfect timing and positioning to pull the move off and one can’t see that being done properly in an online environment, so the risk of injury to online student community is a risk we’re not willing to take. Thanks for your inquiry and I’m confident I’ll see you on the wood somewhere soon! 🙂

  • Labrada261

    Thank you so much for going over the Lead moves. That put things in perspective for me because it allows me to learn when to execute the moves. I love it!!! I can’t wait to put this on the wood.

  • Hanna

    Hi Vic: We miss you here in the Pgh. I really appreciate having had the opportunity to take lessons under your instructions. I have been steppin for two years, and I learned more understanding of the dance from your classes during the nine months. Now, that I have a sound foundation,there’s nothing to prevent me from achieving the next level and reaching my goal, to be an excellent dancer. You may see me on Youtube one day. Smile.
    With Love, Hanna

    • Victor A. James Sr. Post author

      Hello Hanna! It’s good hearing from you my friend! Thanks for the positive feedback. Stay hungry and keep striving to be the dancer you want to be. You’re well on your way. I look forward to seeing your work on YouTube! We’ll see one another again, I’m confident of it. Until then, keep it smooth. 🙂

  • Queenly2

    Hey Victor! Really enjoyed dancing with you at 1st Friday/Omega Hdqts, Atlanta. At first I was a little afraid, but I sucked it up and hung in there!!! Thanks!!

    Angela C Ferguson

    • Victor A. James Sr. Post author

      Yes you did Queen and it was a good dance. I remember the dance, the pleasure was all mine and the story you shared with me was inspiring. You’re a walking testimony (thank you for sharing)! I hope to see you again on the wood. You know what to expect now so maybe you can relax, enjoy the music and flow like you want to. I’ll help you to do that in any way that I can. Keep Steppin and stay encouraged my friend! 🙂

  • 1herman

    Thanks; Victor and Ms. Lisa, excellent video. My sweetie and I attended your class presented by YOLO Steppers in Atlanta. We thoroughly enjoyed the class and now have an increased appreciation of your instruction after watching the video.

    All the Best to you and your team. Will be looking to see you’ll somewhere on the wood [sic]

    Herman and Lora

    • Victor A. James Sr. Post author

      Thank you for attending the Atlanta workshop my friend and I’m glad that you had a good time. I’m also grateful that you see value in the instructional videos and that the value of them to you has increased as a result of your participation in the the workshop. I’m confident that we’ll meet on the wood. In the meantime, keep it “smooth” my friend! 🙂

  • juanneet1


    I haven’t visited your website for a while. I began learning steppin’ around last June, but broke my ankle in August. At this time, I’m learning the basic moves and plan to be back on point very soon.

    It’s been a great experience, and I can’t wait to learn more.

  • Herm






    Thanks, Herm (Virginia)