Johnnie Faye Gilmore-Abreu, Proprietor – The Elephant Room

Johnnie of the Elephant Room The mission statement of Ms. Johnnie Faye Gilmore is simple:

“To provide a dance environment that embraces all dance forms of the Dallas urban dance community with a focus on ensuring that the preferred styles of dance can be mastered and performed for personal enjoyment by the dance community at all times”.

You can’t help but like Ms. Johnnie because she speaks her mind, she’s sincere and she has a genuine love for people.

She has asked Artistic Motions to provide dance instruction for the community of dancers in the Dallas area who patronize her place of business weekly. When asked why she chose Artistic Motions to provide instruction for the patrons wanting to learn Chicago Steppin’ she simply said “You’re the first person to come here who really cared about the people learning the dance. We’ve had some of everybody here as an instructor teaching the dance, but all they seemed to want to do was take the people’s money…you care about the people actually learning the dance and you provide a way for the people to enhance what they learn from you (the AM website) after you leave. Nobody else is doing that anywhere.” Phase one of the instruction initiative begins August 12-14, 2016 where dancers from the Dallas area and surrounding communities will be able to participate in a 12-hour, 2-day workshop intensive, followed by a dance showcase on the afternoon of Sunday, August 14, 2016.

Point of entry at the Elephant Room

You can find Johnnie at her place of business, 1525 N. Highway 35 Lancaster, Texas most days of the week. Her venue is the spot where all dancers
come at least once during the week to dance every single week of the year. She rents her facility for wedding receptions and private parties, but you’ll have to book with her early to get a spot…she’s already booked for the remainder of 2016! Click here to see more pictures of her venue or to book a reservation.

The Elephant Room 2

Plenty of room to get your dance on!






Elephant Room Dance Showcase

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