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Profiles in Steppin’


There are quite a few extraordinary steppers across the country doing phenomenal things. The goal of Artistic Motions is to highlight them for you, allow them to share their perspective on this dance and what brought them to it, as well as share any current initiatives or events they may be promoting or are a part of. Take a look at the gallery of videos highlighting exceptional people doing exceptional things across the country, from surviving breast cancer to recording great music to Chicago Step to.

In this video gallery, you’ll see profiles of the following people: recording artist Roszunn, breast cancer survivor Geney Warner of Los Angeles, California, music mixologist Darryl “DJ Chillnite” Clarke, promoter Aki Carter of Columbus, Ohio and Celebrate and Smile International featuring Dominick and Tiffany Barksdale of Louisville, Kentucky.


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5 thoughts on “Profiles in Steppin’

  • Grasshopper

    Excellent interview, Victor and Aki! It was very professionally done. The presentation was exciting and compels your audience to attend the upcoming event. All the elements for a slam dunk were in place and you made it happen. Continued success in your endeavors! Love you both!

  • dthinker2003

    Another great interview with another brother of mine, the one, the only, Darryl “DJ Chillnite” Clark. You have got the music covered, now it is time to get your step on with the “Rembrandt” on the wood Victor James. I look up to both of you guys. Let’s go to work!!!

    • Victor A. James Sr. Post author

      Thank you Sir! I like the “Rembrandt on the wood” analogy…nice, very nice. I also agree that Chillnite needs to come on board and drink the Steppin kool-aid, especially since he can access free videos and learn at his own pace in the comfort of his own home!

  • Sonji Stewart

    Wow! Amazing. There is a new side to the community that I hadn’t delved into. I am happy to come across this blog and see content and features of people I don’t know or hear a lot about. Keep it interesting Victor and thank you for the dance in DC.