The Esquires of Dallas-Fort Worth

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The mission statement for the Esquires of Dallas Fort Worth is as follows:

“To be shield bearers who unify, ignite and attend to the art and passion of the dance community by providing quality events that cater to all dance styles and support community charities.”

Here’s what the president of the organization, Rickey Rose further expounded:

Rick Rose“The Esquires of Dallas Fort Worth is a group of businessmen who initially set out to unify the local dance community by creating upscale dance events where all dance styles could coexist.  To ensure their success and leave a long lasting impression on the dance community the Esquires sought the leadership of Artistic Motion’s very own Victor James Sr. who helped to mentor and spearhead our entry into the dance event hosting business.  Victor’s contribution and direct involvement quickly catapulted our group into being one of the hottest event hosting groups in the DFW area.  Recognizing that we had more to give to than just hosting dance events, the Esquires turned our focus towards making a difference in the DFW community at large.

Besides the success we have enjoyed in the dance community we have participated in scholarship drives, assisted in raising funds for the homeless, and participated in the Susan B. Komen race for the cure campaign.  The Esquires have also developed a relationship with the local Mentoring Brother 2 Brother (MB2B) organization who cater to single parent homes through activities designed with the mission and vision to support the social, emotional and cultural well-being of youth through mentoring, tutoring, community service, leadership, and spiritual based educational programs.

The Esquires have recently embarked upon becoming a full fledge 501c3 nonprofit organization where the members of the organization plan on using their many talents to fill a variety of charitable causes focused on the needs of men of all ages in the DFW area. While the group still participate in dance activities, our goal is to continue to look for ways to use dance as a vehicle and platform to reach the masses and develop partnerships with local community leaders in order to make a difference in the DFW, as well as adjacent cities and states.”