The Stepper’s Notebook

Dan Land 2Daniel Land, AM contributing editor of

The history and heritage of Steppin is really not known to a great many steppers across the land including myself. What is appropriate then, is to have an expert on the matter, one who has established longevity and unsurpassed knowledge of the dance, as well as access to the icons of Chicago Steppin with a well-documented and chronicled history of reporting and involvement in the dance. Who better than our contributing editor and videographer, Mr. Daniel (aka “Webmaster” Dan) Land, an original Majestic Gent (and an exceptional stepper himself) to assist Artistic Motions in it’s mission to maintain the integrity, heritage and history of the Steppin art form.

You can expect Dan to share his opinion and perspective on the the dance with us monthly. You want to make sure you read his post. You won’t find many people with the access, knowledge, love and respect for the dance that Dan has. I’m very fortunate to know him as a friend and an expert with an exceptional eye for capturing “the moment” with his camera. I’m confident that you will be too.

Please join me in welcoming Dan to We are all in very capable hands :-)!